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  • this one
  • insignificance
  • keyboard joy
  • the tea song
  • mondays child
  • big bills blues
  • clocking off from the squelch factory
  • compact discovery
  • ergot on rye
  • show me love
  • oddity
Harvey’s Intrinsic Boomerang

Harvey’s Intrinsic Boomerang

Ben Cornwell - 2001

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Track list:

  1. this one
  2. insignificance
  3. keyboard joy
  4. the tea song
  5. mondays child
  6. big bills blues
  7. clocking off from the squelch factory
  8. compact discovery
  9. ergot on rye
  10. show me love
  11. oddity



Text from album cover:

The photo on the front cover is the shop called ‘Harvey’s Intrinsic Boomerang’. It was in this said establishment where I learned about the plight of the Concrete Beatle.

I had only gone in to stock up on Broccoli for a lunch fine snack on my journey to where I was going. And just above the Broccoli shelf was a poster making me aware of the poor endangered Concrete Beatle. Little did I know just how much their sorry story would profoundly effect me and those brave souls willing to take up the challenge of helping them in the unique way that they need.

The Concrete Beatle is a wonderful specimen who feeds excelusively upon concrete, hence the name. However, strange mating habits and population migrations have left their evolutionary scars on this poor afflicted insect. The Concrete Beatle is now born without a mouth and as a consequence is unable to feed upon its most desired protein supplement, concrete.

But thanks to the courage of a few local people who gnaw away ceaselessly on bricks and other cement products (with no regard for their own dental health) and via a complex set of tubes and dials are they able to appease the dietary requirements of this most wonderful creature. Don’t be reading this garbage…


All songs written & produced by Ben Cornwell except:
Track 2 - Produced by Ben Cornwell & Graham Sykes. Drums by Mark Norton. Vocals by Graham Sykes & Kirsty Morris.

Track 4 - Lyrics by Mark Norton. Lead Vocals by Mark Norton.

Track 6 - samples used (without permission) from ‘The Big Bill Broozny Story’. I won’t tell if you don’t.

Track 7 - Bass Drum by Mark Norton.

©copyright Ben Cornwell 2001. All rights reserved except those that I’ve infringed…