Hand Crafted Media

  • Bit of Drum 'n' Bass
  • How We Gonna Make it?
  • Take A Hike 2002
  • MadTimeFunk Thing
  • Forehead
  • This is Your Operator
  • Pencil Case
  • Hello My Brain
  • Move On To
Hello My Brain

Hello My Brain

Ben Cornwell - 2002

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Track list:

  1. Bit of Drum 'n' Bass
  2. How We Gonna Make it?
  3. Take A Hike 2002
  4. MadTimeFunk Thing
  5. Forehead
  6. This is Your Operator
  7. Pencil Case
  8. Hello My Brain
  9. Move On To



A collection of tunes I did, mostly experimenting with digital sounds, although track 4 was a mission to sync the guitar and bass to the drum track - using a PC with only 32MB of RAM!


Ben Cornwell