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  • Across The Island
  • Bad Living Blues
  • Off The Cuff
  • Blessing In Disguise
  • Say You Don't Believe
  • Minutes Of My Life
  • Justice What Justice?
Live at Egbert Road

Live at Egbert Road

Kashmir Gyro - 1992

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Track list:

  1. Across The Island
  2. Bad Living Blues
  3. Off The Cuff
  4. Blessing In Disguise
  5. Say You Don't Believe
  6. Minutes Of My Life
  7. Justice What Justice?



Kashmir Gyro was a 4 piece rock/blues band that I played bass in for about 6 months during 1991-1992.

I digitised this album of songs in 2001. They were originally recorded on a Tascam 4-track cassette machine using 2 PZM microphones attached to the wall of the bedsit where we had set the instruments up. It’s not the best quality but captures the moments nicely. I never understood how we got away with making so much noise in such a built up area. It was a strange time…


Drums: Mark Miller
Bass: Ben Cornwell
Guitar/Vocals: Graham Sykes
Guitar/Vocals: Gordon Williams

All tracks performed by Kashmir Gyro except track 8 (1996 - currently offline) which was performed by Iain Ledgerwood, Kit Ellis and Ben Cornwell.

All songs written by Gordon Williams. © copyright Gordon Williams. All rights reserved.

Recording copyright - © copyright Ben Cornwell 2001. All rights reserved.