Care & Facilities

Service user involvement
Care plans are reviewed with the residents monthly and updated as required.
Formal care reviews are held at six monthly intervals when the family and any other relevant partieswill be invited to attend. Service users are encouraged to participate in discussions about menu choices, entertainment and other issues concerning their daily lives. Residents' and relatives’ meetings are held periodically to discuss these issues so as to enable management to take all the views into account. 

Our quality assurance system is initiated by issuing questionnaires to service users, relatives, and visiting professionals. When service users are unable to complete the questionnaires themselves, a member of staff or a family member will assist them. Information gathered from the questionnaires is summarised, and the conclusions and recommendations written up and made available to all concerned.

Visitors can help themselves to a copy of the summary which is kept near the front door. Quality assurance procedures, whilst ongoing, are formally conducted annually with new summaries being subsequently made available. Service users, relatives, friends and staff are encouraged to make suggestions which might benefit the service users. We are pleased to listen to, and act upon any suggestions likely to enhance service users daily lives.

Fire precautions
Bradstowe Lodge is fitted with the latest in fire detection systems and emergency lighting. The system is serviced regularly and certification issued. Staff receive fire safety training and drills are carried out regularly. Policies and procedures, risk assessments and an emergency action plan is in place.
All procedures are compliant with statutory regulations.

Religious observance
Each service user’s religious beliefs are acknowledged and, where possible, assistance given for the Service User to continue to attend any place of worship or service that they support. There is a service held at Bradstowe Lodge once a month and Holy Communion can be taken by arrangement with a visiting priest,
or with the church.

Bradstowe Lodge operates an open door policy with relatives, friends and family being welcome at any time day or night.
Friendly pets are also welcome providing they bring their handler with them.

The Complaints Procedure is on display on the public notice board and service users are encouraged to use the system if they so wish, without fear of recrimination.
We are responsible to the CQC Inspection body and should you have concerns that cannot be resolved within the home the Commission can be contacted on 03000616161 or by writing to CQC South East, Citygate, Galowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PA.

Care reviews
Each service user’s care needs are constantly assessed with changes to the care plan being made as required. Care needs are formally reviewed at monthly intervals unless his/her condition dictates otherwise. Our practice and the monitoring of each user’s care, ensures that each Service User is treated as an individual with the care delivered being specific to his/her needs. Service users are encouraged to take part in the planning of their care and it’s ongoing review.

Speciality Therapeutic Treatment
All special therapeutic needs will be assessed by the service user’s GP, nursing team or CPN’s, and referrals made to the appropriate specialists if required.

Assistive Technology
Assistive technology (AT), i.e. door alarm, falls monitor sensor, etc. may be used where it is deemed an advantage to reduce risks of falls, or for assessed safety needs. AT will only be used after a full assessment of need and in consultation with the family or friends and the individual concerned where they have mental capacity.