We have professionals attending regularly to deliver such activities as:

  • musical movement
  • bingo
  • arts & crafts

We also engage singers, lecturers, musicians and special days are celebrated. As well as fetes and bazaars, all public celebration days are used as reasons to generate activities and, we have recently introduced container gardening.

Regular resident/relative meetings are held where residents’ views, ideas and suggestions are invited, as well as it acting as a forum where any matters concerning the running/behaviour of the home can be discussed.

A range of social activities is part of everyday life at Bradstowe Lodge, with everything from bingo to talks, craft classes, film shows, exercise classes, and bazaars. Members of staff host quizzes, the giant crossword, music and movement, and trips out. They will give ‘one to one’ time to those who might wish to go shopping and will take small parties out for lunch. A wide range of entertainers are frequent visitors to Bradstowe Lodge, from the “Pearly King & Queen” show “Old time Music Hall”, Pantomime, and ‘Pub Night Sing-alongs’ followed by fish & chips from the fish shop. High priority is given to social activities and every effort is made to encourage service users to continue their specific interests/hobbies.

Seasonal occasions are celebrated and activities focussed around the time of the year. At Christmas the local priest delivers the Christmas service, and the Brownies and children from the local schools visit and sing carols for the residents. Service users’ relatives and friends are encouraged to participate in organising and running events e.g. bazaars, fairs, seasonal celebrations, etc.

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